Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an effort which has the social, economic and environmental impacts of its operations and helps to meet sustainable development goals. In line with its mission and values, IMRT is very insightful to the impact of activities on its students, employees, as well as on the regional community and on the environment. We, as an organization see Corporate Social Responsibilities as the voluntary actions that we can take to address both our own competitive interests and welfare of the society. CSR at the institute encourages and propels students to imbibe the qualities of enlightened leadership and thereby instills in them a level of trust and confidence about themselves and the community.

The institute believes in giving back what it has gained from the communities. We consider the effect of our activities on the local community, and the CSR program very much reflects our commitment to operate in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner. We aim to pursue our economic, social and environmental goals as one, keeping harmony with planet and people. We uplift the decorum, efficiency and sustainability of people and communities around us.

In this context, several innovative programs in the areas of health, education, environment, livelihood, natural resource management, and the preservation of traditional arts and culture as well as other related areas, are being designed and to be implemented in future. It brings Corporate Social Responsibility to life in many impactful ways. These innovative programs are developed bearing in mind the local cultural context and the needs of people.

The institute imbibes the values of social responsibility qualities by organizing the following CSR activities:

    • Each One Teach One Programme
    • Tree Plantation Programme
    • Blood Donation Programme
    • Food & Clothes Donation Programme

Vision & Mission


To create a centre of excellence empowering young minds to attain global competencies in management.


To develop a positive, vibrant and healthy learning environment so that ideas can be converted in to constant never ending action towards the advancement of business and society.

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